Join us virtually on March 13-14, 2021 to help bring innovation and global collaboration to healthcare.

Why ClinHacks?

  • We believe students can build real solutions to pressing medical challenges
  • We want to inspire the future generation of clinician engineers
  • ClinHacks is an inclusive space for learners of all levels to have fun while learning from eachother and from experts
  • Network with industry professionals, CEOs, clinicians and more!

It is no secret that there is a growing need for innovation and technology in the healthcare field. When healthcare professionals are the end users of clinical innovation, but not involved in the design process, the solutions are less effective. I created ClinHacks after noticing how difficult it is to collaborate in a way that includes designers, entrepreneurs, doctors, nurses, scientists and engineers.

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As a completely free event to participants, the hackathon is 100% sponsor-funded. We need your help to make this hackathon possible and enticing to students!

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Claire Fine

Claire Fine

Founder and Lead Organizer

Dr Neel Sharma

Founder, Clinician Engineer Hub